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Popularly known as “The Rock” is where the Union Jack proudly flies and almost everyone there speaks a fascinating mixture of Spanish and English.  Barely two and half miles long, this most southern tip of Europe rises 1,400 feet high and, on a clear day, the impressive view can stretch all the way to the north African coastline. 


Situated a very short distance from the Costa del Sol, the majestic Rock, which dominates the entrance to the Mediterranean, is a fascinating tourist destination that offers a unique blend of heritage and culture.

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taxi stand  

Although small in size, Gibraltar is not short of sights to see.  A cable car takes you to the  highestpoint where apes frolic, and kestrels and falcons circle over the cliff.  Steeped in history, explore with knowledgeable tour operators or trustworthy taxi drivers, the two cathedrals, a museum, the labyrinth of tunnels of St. Michael’s Caves and a small selection of beaches and bay areas.

The Dolphin Experience
A large population of wild dolphins can be found in the Bay of Gibraltar.  Take a dolphin-watching boat trip, and see how these enchanting mammals live and play in the warm Mediterranean waters




The Great Siege Tunnels
Excavated by artificers of the British Army during the Great Siege of 1779-83, these tunnels form part of what is arguably the most impressive defence system anywhere.

  The Great Siege Tunnels

 The Museum  

The Museum
Experience and enjoy Gibraltar's fascinating 200-million year history, with an audio visual presentation and several galleries displaying original artifacts, old prints and photographs.

The lower part of hte building houses what is arguably the best preserved Moorish Bath House in Europe dating from the14th Century.

The Moorish Castle
The ancient fortress - last rebuilt in 1333 - is situated on the north-western slope.  It's Tower of Homage dominates the only land entranceto Gibraltar


The Moorish Castle


St. Michael's Cave
Situated at a height of approximately 300m above sea level, ths is one of Europe's most dramatic natural grottos.

  St Michael's Cave 



Boat Trips
Due to the wide variety of cetacean species on our coast, together with the natural curiosity of man to explore marine life, many companies have arisen to organize boat trips to watch dolphins, finbacks, turtles and other sea species.  For a memorable and exotic day, take the ferry for a day trip to Morocco.  You should also try to make time to see the sights of Tangier and Tetouan.

 Alameda Botanical Gardens
The ancient fortress - last rebuilt in 1333 - is situated on the north-western slope.  It's Tower of Homage dominates the only land entranceto Gibraltar.

  Alameda Botanical Gardens  

The Barbary Apes
The apes are tailess monkeys, properly known as Barbary Macaques.  They are perhaps the best known of Bibraltar's attractions.

  Gibraltar Apes


The border to Spain is open 24 hrs.  You can either walk or drive across with no restriction on how many times in one day.  Just remember to bring your passport!!

Beware of unscrupulous con men who will deceive you into purchasing a ticket to either park your car outside the border or to enter Gibraltar.  Please ignore them and report their activities to the nearest policeman


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